7 step hat

1st: Pick the perfect wool, not too rough, not too soft, not too bland, not too bold. This will be a pocket jamming hat, basically a no nonsense hat I can jam in my pocket or bag :)

2nd: Pick a matchy project bag, not too big, not too little, cast on a trillon, and think .. “all these tiny stitches have me living slow and steady and a little bit tweedy ♥ I’m in love”
A week later, I’m not as fond and think ..”damn all these tiny stitches and much too stabby needles, why is this taking me F.O.R.E.V.E.R! ..am I about to lose all my shit over a simple hat!?”

3rd: .. please oh please be enough .. please be enough .. please be enough .. please ..

4th: YAY, with the littlest smidge to spare, not enough for a top pom, but that’s ok, remember this is a pocket jammer amanda.

5th: Time for a soak, I love a strong smelling wool wash, so mostly menthol, way too much eucalyptus and always spearmint.

6th: Dried it slow and flat, normally I wouldn’t block a hat flat ..but this roly poly brim ..so many pins!

7th: Finished this gumdrop with some wooly embroidery (lazy daisies, fern fronds and french knots) not too much, not too little, it’s ever so subtle and absolutely just right ♥

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