life in creams, greys and pinks

Oh and some plaid…

Our girl is somewhere out east on a train home to us, we have been busily tiding up, running about and preparing for her and the holidays. Lately I’ve been finding my peace in trying to make anything and everything, like a one off zip pouch because I’m currently obsessed with clear vinyl or weaving crazy chalklegs tartan plaid potholders, using up all the bits and half balls from way down deep, just so I can feel less guilty about adding beauty to my stash. Today I’m all about baby goat face selfies and researching overnight oats.  I don’t always know what to write or bother with captions, awkward silences are my life :) I can’t seem to take myself seriously enough to think anybody cares, so that usually leads to major spreads between posts. In reality, I am a total bore who likes to take pictures of stuff and sometimes talk about things I love. When the words or images aren’t there, know my heart felt appreciation is, thank you for taking the time to visit and for putting up with my weirdo. ♥

2 thoughts on “life in creams, greys and pinks

  1. My favorite color’s, and a goat face is sweet! I care I love your ramblings Chalklegs! This is my favorite blog 💞😘 safe travels for your girl, and Happy Holidays to all of chalkland covered in all that snow!



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