hold the applause

Chubby bottom bunnies were started

and finished!

..I am dead over that plump cottontail ♥

Shop samples were made!
(did I mention in an effort to combat my lonely mama heart and to possibly prevent my growing antisocial isolation conversations from getting out of hand with my ridiculous self, I have taken up work (part-time) at my local yarn shop! Closet hermit, currently working on it!)

Which includes getting to try new yarns and making loads of cute stuff!

..and because my thoroughly amazing husband and daughter didn’t want me to suck anymore, they surprised me with new technologies for my pathetically outdated ones (aww yeah!) upgrade for all my computering and printering needs :D

There is definitely more I want (need) to understand, there are so many good things I want to start ..just as soon as I can figure it out, so for now in the between I am just gonna play!

4 thoughts on “hold the applause

  1. Looks like the shop your working at has great hours!! I have two daughters still at home with me..I would love to work at a yarn shop someday!!


    1. oh my gosh Renne, the hours are amazing! I get to tidy up the shop (because I’m a freak like that), chat with and help people pick awesome things to work on (it literally brightens my mood 100%), knit ..I can actually take a moment and KNIT if I want!

      If you ever have the chance, best decision ever!


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