hold the applause

Chubby bottom bunnies were started

and finished!

I am dead over that plump cottontail.

The shape of the Garter Ear Flap Hat is really cute, plump garter, built in earflaps, with a little sprout toot out the top.

I’ve been making all the tiny hats, this one is a Sourball Bonnet.

Look at my cool new graphic, my thoroughly amazing family didn’t want me to be frustrated/suck/scream anymore, so they surprised me with new technologies for my pathetically outdated ones. A major upgrade to all my computering and printering needs, I’m so excited! There is definitely more I want (need) to understand, because there are so many good things I want to start ..just as soon as I can figure it out, so for now in the between I am just gonna play!

4 thoughts on “hold the applause

  1. Looks like the shop your working at has great hours!! I have two daughters still at home with me..I would love to work at a yarn shop someday!!


    1. oh my gosh Renne, the hours are amazing! I get to tidy up the shop (because I’m a freak like that), chat with and help people pick awesome things to work on (it literally brightens my mood 100%), knit ..I can actually take a moment and KNIT if I want!

      If you ever have the chance, best decision ever!



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