old hat

I’m starting 2016 in kind of a bland humdrum haze. I’m not feeling sour or grumpy, in fact I feel really at peace and happy (just not creatively stirred).  Not that I want to feel like a ruffled hot mess at all the prospects of the new year, but cripes starting it stale ..working off the tame everyday need to do list,Continue reading “old hat”

that kind of day

..it started out a little bit wool and cashmere ..leading into loving something that for 95% of the knit, looked like a wonked up rumpled mess (blocking makes me feel so adequate!) …then fulfilling speckled yarn quota (one) (two) (three) …ending with POTATOES! (we probably got exactly 5 lbs of potatoes from the 5 lbs of seedContinue reading “that kind of day”

finding comfort

It never gets any easier leaving her behind (especially mid butterfly) but this place is less and less foreign the more and more we come, her second home, the place where she is growing into everything we ever wished and hoped she’d be, the place of finding her own philosophies, making judgment calls and soContinue reading “finding comfort”