old hat

I’m starting 2016 in kind of a bland humdrum haze. I’m not feeling sour or grumpy, in fact I feel really at peace and happy (just not creatively stirred). 

Not that I want to feel like a ruffled hot mess at all the prospects of the new year, but cripes starting it stale ..working off the tame everyday need to do list, instead of the tingly I WANT TO DO THIS RIGHT NOW list ..kind of meh.

Trying to keep productive, I’m using these grey uninspired moments as the perfect time to fall into my routine makes ..apparently hats, sandwich suppers and slowly ticking off the birthday knit and custom order lists are my go to things. My name is Amanda and I rarely wear hats but I am a pathological hat maker.

Soft Marl.

Moone Boy.

Little Honeybear.

Tensfield Organic.

Oh, on a completely off subject note, because I must be having a vitamin deficiency or something, for the first time in my life, I ordered 16 lbs of fruit off the T.V. (WHAT?!?) ..dang you QVC and your Honeybell Oranges!


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