slow socks, a journal

6/24/17 I’ve been carrying around these yarns trying to make a grey sock or grey-er sock decision …hum?

7/22/17 Don’t know if I should second guess the strength and wear of Train Case is absolutely amazing feeling (soft & silky), the blend is comprised of wool, nylon and something called outlast technically based off that, it should be strong af ..but I can’t convince myself, because it feels too good to be true.

8/2/17 Currently having mixed heel feelings, loving the eye of partridge and the pink, the wildfoote band says luxury, but feels SO rough. Was told it will wear like iron, so I’m staying hopeful!

9/27/17 turnt .. all I’m saying 💕

11/13/17 In the final throws of the 1st sock flats. A few things: I love magic loop socking (but only one at a time), I hate the soggy center pull yarn cake at this point (I WILL re-cake before I start the second), my hands and brain always struggle with ribbing (I need to say it in my head or count it off & I am super slow at it), I love the look of a top down heel flap, but kinda prefer the seamlessness of toe up construction, I’m a sock knitter who’s barefoot 90% of the time, I love/hate my cute, wide ass feet.

2/27/18 It happens every time I get to the toe .. thinking no way my tootsies are shaped like this, but apparently block foot with chiseled toe is completely accurate!

3/16/18 Second sock same as the first, heel flap done, stitches picked up, onto the slow moving gusset.

4/14/18 Twenty rounds from that locked stitch and we are at toe two, sock babies that took me 9 months to finish (100% casual knitting because I’m easily distracted)

4/15/18 ..distracted  (making gummy bear stitch markers :)

4/16/18 Finally closing in on the second toe, ugh look at that sloppy ball, I’m finished with the grey but I may need to just stop and rewind that messed up thing, it’s bugging me even to side eye it.

4/22/18 These need a good long soak after rattling around in my bag for months.

Extra fragrant suds added to mask the scent of wet wool, it smells like a tropical beach up in here ..albeit a tropical beach with a hint of soggy sheep bottoms.

4/24/18 Done.

I am a knitter who goes through slumps, often not sure what to start next, it’s not for lack of ideas/projects (my queue is huge) but sometimes nothing motivates me. Hats were my mindless in between project, but hats are quick, and before you know it, you have more hats than heads that need hats! So now it’s socks, slow as hell socks.


note to self:

Normally when I have prized cuts, I squirrel them away (like most of my prized things) but recently, I’ve been trying to use more of what I love everyday, for everyday things. A little while ago I made some crazy beautiful bias tape, just because.

Why is it when something feels super special, ultra lux, limited edition or in short supply, we tend to triple wrap it and hold onto it tight as hell, afraid to use it, scuff it, break it, love it? When really, in doing that, we aren’t getting ANY joy from having it, so why even have it!?! I don’t often find myself thinking ” Wow,  I really love that, it feels good knowing that I appreciate it so much so that I never take it out look at it, wear it or hold it”. In fact it’s usually the opposite for me, most things hidden away are forgotten or creep out as a guilty thought every now and then ..kinda sad.

It was actually liberating to use that special Rifle Paper fat quarter for something that at the time seemed wasteful and unworthy of its specialness.

..and then I go one step further, and actually use the super special bias tape, made from the super special piece of fabric to make a super special Stowe Bag and pouch!

Granted I had made two other Stowe Bags out of “less special” fabric before I made this one, just to make sure the sewing kinks were worked out ..haha I can’t help it, I know I would have beat myself up, if I f’d up the bag with the super special fabric! Gads would you look at that logo, even the Rifle Paper edge selvages are too pretty!

oh and then I go and find a little local quilt shop who sells the super special fabric, so  I triple treated myself, cut into it straight away and it was liberating!