slow socks, a journal

6/24/17 I’ve been carrying around these yarns trying to make a grey sock or grey-er sock decision …hum? 7/22/17 Don’t know if I should second guess the strength and wear of Train Case is absolutely amazing feeling (soft & silky), the blend is comprised of wool, nylon and something called outlast technically basedContinue reading “slow socks, a journal”

I am …

a pockets on everything dangly charm bracelet wearing wool hoarder. Who appreciates a semi-tidy, lightly stuffed with “options” knitting bag, complete with a second fold-away bag tucked inside just incase of acquisitions/overflow, sprinkle in a few torn out magazine perfume samples for added smelling pleasure (that slow sock is kicking my buns, but is madeContinue reading “I am …”