I remember a few times in school we had the chance to make pinback buttons, they were usually generic printed images with a blank area for us to write our name and then the teacher assembled the badge pieces and sometimes we got to pull down the press handle and sometimes not, and sometimes they were already 100% assembled and we only got to write our name on the top of the finished buttons mylar after the fact with a crappy marker or even worse a crappy ball point pen, either way it was a pretty big deal. Little kid me would’ve loved a button maker so much.

Then you grow up and realize you can do whatever the hell you want to do now, so you go out and buy yourself a button maker, and you take all your favorite saved kid stuff and turn it into the pinback buttons of your little kid dreams. Jason bought me that industrial metal button press years ago, after cheap me bought a plastic handheld one, where more than half of the buttons never sealed right, and it used special brand specific expensive button parts. Frustrated, I thought that it took some magical skill that I just couldn’t learn, that’s as good as it gets, and it sucked. Turns out it was that cheap plastic press the whole sad time and I’m actually a button wiz.

Portrait of my life now, featuring cute bits of my childhood. 1.25″ is my favorite badge size to make and 80’s scratch n’ sniff is my favorite art to use.

“Looking Good” was the 20th button I made, I say I’m done, but I don’t know, there’s probably more in me, I’m definitely still missing a few favorites.. “The Greatest” clown, “Much Better” bandaid, “Well Done” fried chicken leg with a face? …ok, going back through these stickers, they’re so dumb and great and they still smell and it’s like time travel.

It looks like a worm, and I can picture making a very hungry caterpillar version of these for Lex. No heel, universal fit, all sorts of rib, I’m not sure how they’ll wear, if they’ll be comfortable or if they’ll even stay up, but I’m interested.

They’re called Bananen-Socken (banana socks) ..I see it.

P.S that’s a Ravelry link.

In big news, this is mae mae and she is a 6 year old garbage girl, she was a little rough and tumble when we adopted her, so we’re taking it slow and helping her learn to be cared for. She’s a chatty, buttery soft noodle who’s still a trash baby with a plastic obsession. We think back to early days kiki (she had a tough life before us) and know with time mae will be a good cat too.

13 thoughts on “Neat

  1. OMG!!! Those sticker buttons are a Time Machine taking me straight back to elementary school! I can smell them through the screen!


    1. They are not complicated at all, the pattern has links to three different yarn weight Regia sock charts and you find your size and it will give you the cast on number. I cast 68 sts on 2.5mm needles and they fit my size 8/8.5 foot, Lex’s size 9 foot and even my Husband’s size 12½, they are soooo stretchy, and with no heel the only difference was the amount of cuff that went up the leg, longer feet need longer bananas!


    1. This specific yarn has been rolling around in my stash for some time, and the ball band has been lost to time, so sorry! I’m pretty sure it’s Regia or Schachenmayr Regia, maybe from one of their design lines.


      1. Thank you, I understand completely. My stash has some naked skeins too. I wonder where all those bands end up.


  2. My Mom’s cat is named Mamie, but we all call her MayMay! I love the sock pattern… it’s perfect for some funky sock yarn in my stash. What button maker is it that you have?


  3. Aww . . . so glad you have mae mae. She is beautiful. What a gorgeous tail! Soft Mimi is laying here by me (when I type on the tabletop she thinks my arms are making a nest just for her), and she’s happy mae mae has found such a good home.


    1. She’s got a great tail, it’s beefy and has two racoon stripes at the top! We got so use to seeing kiki’s scraggly little rat tail, that we forgot dramatic tails were a thing and now we’re obsessed! Mimi 💗



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