Hats, houses and minor mending.

..oh and cats too, specifically kiki, but she doesn’t care about yarn or knitting, only blankets and leg lofts. Although sometimes she nibbles on the white fuzzed up yarn ties of this old quilt mistaking them for popcorn ..I guess I can see the confusion.

I finally got around to making Jason a 1898 hat, and I’m glad I did, it’s a really cleverly constructed and enjoyable knit. One of its most endearing attributes is the adult hat giving all toddler vibes. I used the same yarn as his Antonio cardigan, for kind of a twerpy matched set in the cutest possible way. The garter brim and earflap area is double thick and cozy!

This is real life. I bought the Swearwolves patch from Timid Cryptids way back in 2018 and just now put it on a hat, the hat was one of my first knits (also from way back when) that nobody loved, but now it fits the mood so much better.

Remember this pretty pale lavender Olso hat from last year, I never got around to blocking it, I never wore it and I was feeling pretty blah about it, so one day without much thought I went wild and overdyed it, I set out to give it a light peachy tint (the color was called Peach Blush) ..I think I might have over did it a bit.

This isn’t the color I had hoped for, and I wasn’t expecting the Peach Blush to wipeout almost every single speckle, but actually I love it, and goddammit blocking is the stuff, now it’s so tidy and perfect.

Be weary that triple brim takes FOREVER to dry.

A kerchief sewn from fabric Lex block printed for me, I can spot the 1900 house and our old westside apartment. ♡

It’s always the toes, sometimes the heel and with these ones the cuff too, it’s just like that sometimes. Anyways, a cute knitted on patch is my preferred mending method, I start by picking up stitches in a solid area a few rows under the hole or thin spot, making sure I pick up more than I need to ensure the patch will be wider than the damage, then knit/purl back and forth until the patch covers the area, you can pick up stitches on each side as you work to attach the patch so there’s minimal finishing or sew them down after, graft or whipstitch the top and it’s done.


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