let me show you


It started out in prairie, pretty, but not quite the right color.


Let’s try gentian violet, oh I like this better and it matches the little bag I sewed.


Still missing something, let’s add the funny little brooch Lex made me from one of my favorite childhood stickers,


yeah, that’s exactly what it needed. ♡ You should come closer,


no closer, now you can really see the beautiful stitches. (Buy the way this Merino/llama/silk/linen blend is rustic and lovely and a complete crochet dream.)


If you come even closer, I’ll show you  my funny little brooch, it smelled of soap once upon a time when my collection was new, a time when scratch n’ sniff stickers were the reward for a job well done and I was totally obsessed. (This one in particular is a mello smello :)

Finished, but now you’re a little too close, if you would, please back up a bit.



– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Pattern: Driftless Scarf by Amanda ochocki (me 💕)

Yarn: Meadow by The Fibre Co. colorways Prairie & Gentian Violet