I remember a few times in school we had the chance to make pinback buttons, they were usually generic printed images with a blank area for us to write our name and then the teacher assembled the badge pieces and sometimes we got to pull down the press handle and sometimes not, and sometimes theyContinue reading “Neat”

Maybe Sew

I haven’t been up in the studio for a long while now, no real reason just blah, but Jason needed a new hole punched in his belt and all that stuff is up there (also Lex had taken over the space to do some screen printing). I walked into a mostly tidy space (thanks Lex)Continue reading “Maybe Sew”

let me show you

It started out in prairie, pretty, but not quite the right color. Let’s try gentian violet, oh I like this better and it matches the little bag I sewed. Still missing something, let’s add the funny little brooch Lex made me from one of my favorite childhood stickers, yeah, that’s exactly what it needed. ♡Continue reading “let me show you”