surprisingly productive

Not really, well kind of ..maybe? I made myself a thing! (a planner like thing!) While I never really considered myself busy enough to require any sort of organization system (besides the occasional TO DO list or grocery list and I usually just scrawled the info onto bits of paper and tucked them in pockets ..often lost and then found ..always tooContinue reading “surprisingly productive”

Life at 1/6th

I went here, to the fabric shop in my little town… Because I needed to make these… For this beautiful iron doll bed… It’s so incredibly well made, all by hand, welded solid and sturdy (1/6th is playscale, Barbie and Blythe size). You can buy miniature sheets and mattresses online, but at $30 a set thatContinue reading “Life at 1/6th”


Greetings from the porch. All this came yesterday, it was 2º F when we woke up today & it warmed up to 13º :) ************************************************************ I’m hosting the December “A Dolly Holiday” doll show in the GTT (Good Things Together) group on Ravelry, show and share runs December 12th- December 16th and the social hour is from now until the endContinue reading “Greetings”