Driftless Scarf

When I was designing this scarf I really wanted something naturally simple that would build up softly in layers, something lovely that would help a beginner gain confidence while making, but I also wanted it to be something expertly crafted and intricately clean, something that a more experienced maker would appreciate. The finish leaves straightContinue reading “Driftless Scarf”

Slow & Steady

There is something about working mid-weight lace that is just so pleasing, the knitting builds up quick and once done it doesn’t melt into a puddle of unrecognizable folds around your neck 💕 ..pay no attention to the fact this took me over a year to finish.. – – – – – – – –Continue reading “Slow & Steady”

because crochet

Ok, so I might crochet for the sheer accessory of it, and I may more often than not color match the contents inside my notions bag ..except those scissors, I only use those scissors! ..but sometimes, it is a pattern that is hidden until you step back ..or maybe it’s a color that has no color ..but most times,Continue reading “because crochet”