because crochet

Ok, so I might crochet for the sheer accessory of it, and I may more often than not color match the contents inside my notions bag ..except those scissors, I only use those scissors!

..but sometimes, it is a pattern that is hidden until you step back

..or maybe it’s a color that has no color

..but most times, it is exactly what I need to keep my mind busily out of focus of what’s troubling me ..because crochet.

4 thoughts on “because crochet

  1. That is so beautiful Amanda, and I love my scissors too! Your bag is pretty :-)
    I hope whatever has your mind troubled will work itself out….I’m here if you need me…


    1. Thank you ♥ the cream cowl is Sweet Georgia tough love sock and the pattern is Jennifer – floral lace cowl by Vicky Chan.
      The darker crochet is the beginnings of a Linen Loop (my pattern) worked up in Quince & Co. Sparrow. Both patterns are available on!



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