everyday production

Fresh eggs – 2 dozen from 2 days, prettiest colors ever. (These are still covered in bloom (unwashed) so I was told I didn’t NEED to refrigerate them right away ..of course I did, because are you f-ing crazy!) Blueberry buckle – 1½ pints berries in a 6 x 9 casserole. (Ok-ish blueberries were madeContinue reading “everyday production”

this & that

This color 💕 that absolutely perfect dusty color, I love the blue jeans & scraped knees of this! This pale bag worked up in that wonderfully starchy cotton fabric, 100% of the reason I hate pre-washing fabrics is loosing that stiffness. (Question: I also cut a dress out of this fabric ..would it be too overContinue reading “this & that”

feeling fall

Life is good and feeling every bit of fall. ♥ Enjoying the shifting light in the studio. ..but I’m super annoyed with these f’ing forever crunchy pears. I’m a year round maker, but knitting in the fall is always extra cozy. The Öljett hat had me at the decreases and because of that I decided toContinue reading “feeling fall”