everyday production


Fresh eggs – 2 dozen from 2 days, prettiest colors ever.

(These are still covered in bloom (unwashed) so I was told I didn’t NEED to refrigerate them right away ..of course I did, because are you f-ing crazy!)


Blueberry buckle – 1½ pints berries in a 6 x 9 casserole.

(Ok-ish blueberries were made 100x better with the addition of sugar and a buttery scone like cobble top.)


Natural dyed wool – 20 avocado skins to 1lb fiber.

(I keep a bag in the freezer for collecting skins until I have enough to dye with, be sure to give them a good scrub to remove any left behind flesh prior to storing, it will save you a lot of avocado scum headache when you heat the dye pot! You can save and use the avocado seed/stones in the same way.)


Cast on and a candy pouch – Avocado wool, 6 stitch markers & 1 chocolate bar.

(You can purchase iron on vinyl in craft stores and online, it allows you to turn most anything (like candy wrappers) into a sturdy sewable material! You will need a teflon foot for your machine so it can glide across the vinyl surface. Sewing Hack #1: Don’t have a teflon foot? A strip of matte “scotch” tape on the underside of your regular presser foot will work in a pinch.)


Pink grapefruit – Citrus fruit of choice.

(Fresh, no sugar, peel, skin, eat.)

this & that

This color 💕 that absolutely perfect dusty color, I love the blue jeans & scraped knees of this!

This pale bag worked up in that wonderfully starchy cotton fabric, 100% of the reason I hate pre-washing fabrics is loosing that stiffness. (Question: I also cut a dress out of this fabric ..would it be too over the top to coordinate with my tote by adding in another matching layer to my knitting power suit?)

This soak, a woolly perfumed blend of brambly hay, rose & eucalyptus.

This is finished, but that color still ..ooof so good..

Oh, hi 💕

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Pattern: Xenia by Hilary Smith Callis

Yarn: Madelinetosh Cloud Dweller

feeling fall

Life is good and feeling every bit of fall. ♥

Enjoying the shifting light in the studio.


..but I’m super annoyed with these f’ing forever crunchy pears.

I’m a year round maker, but knitting in the fall is always extra cozy.

The Öljett hat had me at the decreases and because of that I decided to use a single strand of worsted weight tweed to keep them the focus. (The pattern suggests using two colors of fingering weight held double for a marled look.)

A few other things to remember for the next one:

Other than the yarn, I followed the pattern exact.

I didn’t need to block it at all.

Next time I may use a tubular cast on, it’s not loose but not as stretchy good as it could be.

It has a bit of slouch, could easily take an 1”-2” off the body section for a closer fit.

Top loop is crocheted and added afterwards. Next time work icord over 3sts before closing, that way it’s all attached.

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