soft study

I have a fondness for the inconsistent greys of birch tools, the shattered flecks of ocean colored glass set in porcelain, the overcast blur of winter light, the concern of emotion that can be stitched in wool, the soft glow of linen, the comfort of bare feet, the roundness of tummies, the milkshake of thatContinue reading “soft study”

everyday production

Fresh eggs – 2 dozen from 2 days, prettiest colors ever. (These are still covered in bloom (unwashed) so I was told I didn’t NEED to refrigerate them right away ..of course I did, because are you f-ing crazy!) Blueberry buckle – 1½ pints berries in a 6 x 9 casserole. (Ok-ish blueberries were madeContinue reading “everyday production”