note to self:

Normally when I have prized cuts, I squirrel them away (like most of my prized things) but recently, I’ve been trying to use more of what I love everyday, for everyday things. A little while ago I made some crazy beautiful bias tape, just because. Why is it when something feels super special, ultra lux, limited edition orContinue reading “note to self:”

little things

I’m ok with it always being 9:30 (although 7:15 is my usual preferred dead clock time) and the fact that it’s not quite perfect and if it’s only ever just the one, that’s all it will ever need to be. Bonnet just because again and again and again. Sometimes it’s not about the last time you shaved yourContinue reading “little things”

1-17-17 things

I am starting the new year off just so, with blank slates and no dates ♥ I made some notebooks and a new calendar for my planner using a lovely classic linen writing paper in the most perfect ivory hue ♥ My stapler is a shifty asshole though, so my alignment is always a littleContinue reading “1-17-17 things”