these colors & that cat 💕

Kiki is our sometimes sweet\sometimes salty, cranky old lady cat. We adopted her three years ago when she was 8, and it took over a year for her to find her purr. She had a rough life before us, and has a chipped fang to prove how hard knock she was. She tucks in, fetches on her own terms, drives aContinue reading “these colors & that cat 💕”

behind on being behind

I’m having one of those days/weeks/months. The house shrubbery has gone secret garden again, which is kinda normal for us, we are lazy gardeners and just keep saying “overgrown and wild is a style”. ..but we are having our house painted and need to trim it all back. I don’t know if we just never thought that we would everContinue reading “behind on being behind”