and another thing

It’s how you know it’s mine!

Another slow knit hat, made even slower by using a pattern written for dk weight yarn, doing a little math and subbing in fingering weight. Started way back before Christmas, it toted right along side me most days, sometimes not even getting a stitch in, but it was always there just in case a moment came. 💕

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Pattern: Oslo Hat by Petite Knit.

Yarn: Dia Merino Sock by Colour Adventures. (Puppy Love Colorway)

The little carved bone tapestry needle is from here, and was a gift from Lex (finding a beautiful use for an ugly byproduct is clever recycling). Oh, and I might have some cute new things coming to the Etsy shop soon, basically, if you like what I like or like what I make, now you can have some too! (mostly pinbacks, stitch markers, maybe some one off sews, destash and other charming weirdy-ness, all handmade by me in my little studio) might actually happen, I think?

2 thoughts on “and another thing

  1. Gorgeous! I believe that is the prettiest hat I’ve ever seen handknit….it’s perfection.💕 and I think I may need a Chalklegs button and one of those needles 😍must visit the shop. Thanks for info. And a shop of your own sounds wonderful I bet you won’t be able to keep it stocked 💙


    1. It’s such a great pattern 💘 I don’t know how many I need, but I thinking of casting on another! Haha 😅 I was going to say, I promise none of the buttons will have my chubby face on it!



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