sometimes handmade


Most days I’m a sleeveless, shapeless, shift dress and a cardigan, today I have sleeves and a cowl ..a slow fashion linen wrinkle, just trying to do my best, to be my best, so I can give my best.

It’s Me Made May, a month where handmade clothes and ethical fashion are the topic. Taking a moment to recognize who makes our clothes, who benefits or who suffers from our decisions. The intent is not to shame old habits, but to guide us to better ones, gently reminding us to step away from trend buying, understand where the components of our lives come from, where they really go when we are done with them, and to make educated, respectful choices when we can.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Fitting, a small batch of handmade Frozen Charlottes on my work bench today.

2 thoughts on “sometimes handmade

  1. Well put, you and Alexa have me wondering about leather goods especially now. And I’d love to make my uniforms! Oh how lovely it must be to be you 😍👗💕 so talented! And may I say eeeek I LOVE the frozen Charlottes 🌸


    1. You could totally make your uniforms, most of the patterns out there today are really user friendly! You should just find a pattern you really want to make and jump in! …maybe that Charlie Caftan!?! 😍😙



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