bubble tea & a back issue of cotton time

I have some serious devotion to Japanese craft books (they have such a woody slightly sweet smell), while I tend to favor the crochet book variety, I do so love the hefty general craft magazines.

Around 100 pages of beautiful design & aesthetics, incorporating some of my most favorite pleasurable pastimes, sewing, quilting, embroidery and crochet, all while being adorably cute, silly captioned and all around quite excellent.

This one came with a project a month wall calendar in addition to the usual pull out paper pattern sheet and mini project book inside. It’s jammed full of cozy goodness, If I remember correctly I bought this over at superbuzzy.

I love crochet edgings and this issue January 2009 has quite a bit of them. Adorable apples, cupcakes and flatware look at the squirrels & mushrooms.

Best of all they are charted out, for universal understanding!

There is something charming and cute about these matching apron outfits. I really should of made these for us when my daughter was young.  I would of photographed us just like this, I would of loved it.

Wooly needle felted gnome sweeties, these are so endearing to me. I might have to make a mini Jason & Amanda for the holiday tree this year.

I can flip through these magazines over and over again staring at the images of the rooms picking out all the perfect little bits in the pictures, I love this kitchen, that red & white potholder is the best. Read the photo’s text “HAPPY” this makes me happy all day long.

Lastly a splendid chicken telling you the joys of subscribing, cute.

A Merit Badge

I have always had a thing for pinback buttons, brooches & badges. I love them huge, I love them tiny, I love them kitschy, I love them silly I love them sweet. Some I don’t love at all, but still keep them, how can you throw away something so useful!

Here is a super project to put those old pinback buttons to a good new use while show your love of knitting. I have yarns in my stash I have put off using for a project, because I love the color or feel of them so much, I can’t bear to see them gone (you know how it is) now I can always have a little wearable swatch of that irreplaceable/extinct yarn. 

It’s also a perfect use for those little left over scraps or small sample balls. I can’t stop making these. They are seriously quick, done in a snap and have just enough quirk to be cool!

I was never a girl scout. I really tried to be, really I did. Well sort of, I  went to 1 meeting and that was it, but I remember the little neck ties and being envious of my sis who had the uniform (knee-highs and all) and the sash filled with those lovely, lovely merit badges. 

If you’d like to have a go at making your own badges, my merit badge pattern is available for free on Ravelry HERE. I hope you love it!

Want to use my sweet little owl chart on yours, you can get it right HERE.

You can find all of my current designs on Ravelry.

(p.s. any of my charts will fit perfectly on a merit badge)

busy…um yeah!

Busy setting up shop & doing a little designing. I have always loved sorting out the fine details, making it perfect and finding simplicity & beauty in a complex idea.

Currently I have been working on the beekeepers quilt a simple but challenging knit project, the idea is simple, knit individual little honeycomb hexagons, stuff them with some fluff and join them in one massive blob of awesome, the challenge, keeping my enthusiasm. I rarely do long-term projects, I tend to get distracted, jump projects, lose interest and then feel guilty about all of the above. So this is where I’ve been getting inventive, designing some sweet little charts to put onto my knit honeycombs, keeping my humor & attention operational. 

You can download my free charts from Ravelry HERE. The download is just the PDF charts, what you put them on is totally up to you, perfect for duplicate stitch, fiar-isle, cross stitch, etc.

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