Wild Clover for Bees and Bunnies

It’s been far too long since starting this, a little while back a good friend and I began dreaming again of our beekeepers quilts and how much we loved our projects, but had let the blurgs & blahs keep us from them. Now I am finding a revived love for working the small peaceful puffs (slow and steady) ..and so itContinue reading “Wild Clover for Bees and Bunnies”

teeny BIG post

I kind of have a slight obsession with miniature, I always fall for things that are teeny replicas of a larger something, like little teacups & tiny tin kitchen sets. I guess I also really love it when something that’s normally small, is blown up to huge proportions, remember the giant swatch wristwatch wall clocksContinue reading “teeny BIG post”