A Merit Badge

I have always had a thing for pinback buttons, brooches &  badges…I love them huge, I love them tiny, I love them kitschy, I love them silly & sweet. Some I don’t love at all, but  still keep them..how can you throw away something so useful!

Here is a super project to put those old pinback buttons to a good new use & show your love of knitting! I have yarns in my stash I have put off using for a project, because I love the color & feel of them so much, I can’t bear to see them gone (you know how it is) now I can always have a little wearable swatch of that irreplaceable/extinct yarn. 
It’s also a perfect use for those little left over scraps or small sample balls. I can’t stop making these…they are seriously quick, done in a snap & have just enough quirk to be cool!

I was never a girl scout… I really tried to be, really I did. Well sort of…I  went to 1 meeting and that was it..but I remember the little neck ties & being envious of my sis who had the uniform (knee-highs and all) & those lovely, lovely merit badges. 

just a side note: any of my charts will fit perfectly on the merit badge. I made a sweet little owl chart too! Just click here to get your merit badge and here to get the sweet little owl chart downloads!

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