fool on the hill

Dear friends, I have been having issues with the misuse of my designs lately. Foolishly it never even crossed my mind that this would EVER be a problem, but due to abundant amount of unauthorized selling, copying & redistribution of a few of my patterns (and even altering pages to remove copyright) I have decided to make some of them $3 downloads, in hopes that if someone has to pay for it, they might have a little more respect for the copyrights attached to them & the work that went into designing them. I wish this wasn’t the case, I really loved the idea of free sharing designs and ideas. I didn’t want there to be any monetary gain on these patterns, the time & aesthetics I put in to creating them were just to promote the love of knitting, to show the world that everything doesn’t have to revolve around making a buck and most of all aiding in the creation of beautiful objects for us & for us to give to friends & family, not to make money on. No personal gain on either of our ends, promoting the idea that good things and goodwill can and should be freely given, but some jerks took advantage of that and used it for personal profiting. Not even acknowledging where or who the pattern came from :( there it is.

For my own sanity & legality, I also added a new copyright/terms of use to all of my patterns free & pay. If you downloaded your pattern 3/29/2012 or later you have the most current copyright & terms :)

This is my new copyright & terms of use information…

© AMANDA OCHOCKI + chalklegs

Patterns/designs are for personal use and are not to be copied, redistributed or sold in any form. Commercial use is prohibited. You may use the pattern to make items for personal use. If you would like to sell finished handmade items made from my patterns (on a very small scale), you may do so as long as you give me credit for the pattern and a link to my website as follows:

(Designed by AMANDA OCHOCKI &

4 thoughts on “fool on the hill

  1. I’m glad that you did this — they’re awesome little patterns and I certainly don’t think $3 is trying to make a buck off them. Nothing wrong with generosity of course, but what you describe pretty well perverts that impulse.


    1. Thanks Amy, I hated having to do it..but I also hated having to feel like crap/angry when I saw jerks misusing it. This way I can put it out of my head…hopefully.



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