A first

I’m calling this – I just turned 48 and I knit my first vest and the color is sincere because I physically feel like a piece of chewed up bubble gum, while mentally I feel like I should embroider the words baby girl on it. The duality of existence.

It’s absolutely cute, but I’m not even going to pretend I knew what I was doing, I have such a hard time with things that don’t necessarily look like the finished thing while working on them, my struggle was real with the unfinished head hole and I added the collar ribbing the literal second I could so it looked like a sweater again ..fewf, I’m mostly a top down sweater knittter (collars built right in), occasionally a cardigan for Jason, and wasn’t expecting having a “what the hell is this thing?” moment.

This has a classic vest look, with so many great options and variations written into it, the pattern goes up to a 65″ bust, I worked a size 7 with a 55″ bust and kinda feel like I could’ve went down a size.

Plain ribbing on all my openings, but also included in the pattern is an alternative eyelet rib stitch if you’d like something a little more delicate looking.

I also chose the regular scoop neckline over the tall neckline and used the optional narrow shoulder adjustment to make sure the vest would sit slightly in at the shoulder rather than slightly off the shoulder, I think that adjustment might be causing that slight fabric push/pull midway down the arm hole on both sides, maybe it’s going from a small amount of stitches to a large amount rather quickly, maybe it’s just a vest thing, maybe I don’t know? Next time I could work the deep armhole adjustment to try and minimize the tug and give myself a bit more sleeve room, this is perfect for layering over a fitted undershirt or tailored button down, but lots of my handmade clothes have lower/boxy sleeves and they get a little ruched up with this closer fit.

I worked the cropped length bodice adjustment, so it hits right at my waist, I also kept the hem straight, but the pattern offers a split hem option too ..see so many options!

Pattern: Gan by Ailbíona McLochlainn.
Yarn: Ash Lawn Collection by Cestari colorway Burgundy Heather.

Let’s make more vests ♡ ..I learned they are also sometimes called slipovers, cute!

One thought on “A first

  1. I agree let’s knit more vests. That is a really cute pattern, which I would like to make. Problem is, I have yet to work up the courage to knit a garment, though I have stashed yarn to make vests. I feel less lame knowing you just made your first, so thanks for sharing that. Your yarn selection is gorgeous, as always.



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