Not Christmas, but also Christmas.

Only one handmade gift this year and I don’t even know who it’s for. At a complete loss of ideas for a secret gift exchange lead me to buy a bunch of seasonal lottery tickets that were “gnome for the holidays” themed, then deciding hey, let’s just do a whole lucky gnome thing. I didn’t think I would ever be a gnome knittter, but the stars must have aligned when the gnome idea formed, because the designer was having a holiday pattern sale!

You had me at the hat.

My guy measures 9″ tall by 5″ wide by 2½” thick. I used a DK weight tweed wool with 2.25mm (US1) needles for the hat and body, it was tiring on my hands, but I wanted him to be firm so no stuffing would show through, his beard is worsted weight wool worked on 3.75mm (US5) needles and his nose is sock weight on 2.75 (US2). His body is squared up and made flat on the bottom so he is really stable when placed, I wanted to add some weight in additionto the stuffing, so I packed a mini bubble mailer with poly pellets and wrapped it in duct tape to form a slightly rounded box shape that fit exactly inside his squared up body, if he ever splits open it’s gonna look like he’s packed full of drugs. 😅

Pattern: Make Gnome Mistake by Imagined Landscapes , beard from Here We Gnome Again (without the bobble) and the oblong nose from Choose Your Gnome Adventure.

The full Christmas effect.

I made some mushroom stitch markers, while I may not have always been a gnome girl, I have always been a mushroom girl.

My newest Furls Tinsel hooks didn’t make it in time for Christmas, they were set to arrive on the 23rd, and made it all the way to Chicago and then were routed back to Texas? I have no idea, the tracking is always so mysterious and inaccurate ..maybe they are here and just holidaying at the post office?

So I pulled out my Aries hooks, a cute set from long ago, kind of Christmasy in a cherry cola & cool whip kind of way, I bought them because I’m an Aries too. ❤

I started a last minute stocking because why not, it looks like something from my childhood and I love it so much.

Pattern: Spiral Striped Stocking by Thomasina Cummings.

That time I made a baby gnome hat using the Sweet Lil Pixie bonnet pattern by Ainur Berkimbayeva, I must be feeling inspired by gnome wardrobes.



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