Real Quick

Garter stitch and i-cord, now it’s all I want, but give it to me unfussy, quick and super wearable. Ok, so this shawl is wonderfully uncomplicated, really, it’s worked from one tip to the other with gentle increases along one edge to form a long shallow triangle, while the plump i-cord edges are built in as you work. The pattern lists S,M,L sizes but it seems like it would be easy enough to make it any size and with any yarn/needle combination you like. I had 3 skeins of this good stuff and wanted to use up every inch of it, so I weighed my skeins, divided the total weight in half and will just keep increasing until I hit that number, then start decreasing. Simple.

Pattern: Sophie Shawl by PetiteKnit.
Yarn: Colour Adventures Sweet Aran in Watercolours.

When I really want to have an accurate account of how much yarn I have, I’ll weigh my skeins rather than going off what’s listed on the tag. Some yarn brands and indie dyers can be generous (or skimpy) with their skeins and what is listed on the label can be an approximation or average of yardage/weight, not the actual yardage/weight of each individual skein. This can be frustrating if you don’t want yarn leftover or increase the fear of running short. The tags on my 3 skeins listed the weight at 115g/200yds, but they actually weighed closer to 120g each, so naturally the yardage will be more too, but rather than do the math to figure out the actual yardage (there is a formula to do it though!), I just made it easy on myself and went by their combined weight, divided by 2 and weighed my yarn as I worked.

I used a US9 5.5mm needle with this heavy worsted/aran weight merino, making my gauge a little bigger than suggested, which was ok because I wasn’t sure if I would get to the midway stitch count listed on the pattern, before hitting the halfway weight with my yarn, and having it wider but shorter was preferable.

The finished size unblocked is really close to the largest sized shawl, mine measures 15″ x 90″ and there is so much squishy stretch it will probably grow that lost 4½ inches with wear.

I made this candy colored one for Lex, she forgot it today so I was able to bundle myself up and get cozy.

Well, I love this, like a lot. More soon. ♡

2 thoughts on “Real Quick

  1. Simply gorgeous. Lucky Lex! I so enjoy your yarn and fabric color and pattern choices. They really bring me an immense amount of delight and inspiration. The edge on this, including the stitches just before the i-cord–marvelous. I have knit countless purl soho garter triangle shawls just because I am so enamored of what turns out to be (by virtue of the increases) a beautiful eyelet edge.


    1. Thank you Franne 💗 ..oh my, that purl soho garter shawl is really beautiful, I just added it to my queue, sometimes it’s the simplest details that make me fall in love with a project too!



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