a sweater week


Little ranunculus, I’m so infatuated with your lovely lacy yoke & loosey stitches.


Admittedly I struggled a little at first with the loose/slightly sloppy stitches (my nature is tight & tidy) but I backed off and chilled the f out about it, knowing (hoping) blocking will magically straighten everything up and the loose gauge really does give it such beautifully airy drape.


When I got to the bit where I had to decide short sleeves or not, I couldn’t, so I put them on hold and went on …at this moment, I’m lost somewhere between half and three quarter with some ribbing.


I didn’t modify the length on this at all, I got nostalgic for the oversized cropped 80’s sweatshirt shape of it.


A morning of finishing up.


Sleeves to match the hem.


Totally not blocked, but not totally as sloppy stitches gross as I was anticipating!


This is the prettiest textured yoke ever, gosh, I just adore it  💕 and I would love to make a less airy worsted weight version ..but alas I am a fireball. (not even entirely sure I can survive this dk weight cotton/wool)

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Pattern: Ranunculus by Midori Hirose.

Yarn: Ash Lawn Collection by Cestari, colorway mint.

2 thoughts on “a sweater week

  1. This is beautiful. Love your photos and description. I have had a hard time figuring this pattern out but am going to keep going as I love the look and was encouraged by your post!



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