Dear April


It’s supposedly spring, but my hands are still crazy chapped and my knitters heart is still craving wool.


Especially, soft texture hats


with pompoms.


Specifically, sweet little gumball pompoms.


It’s supposedly spring, and my lemon wreath is up ..but it’s snowing.

10 thoughts on “Dear April

  1. Cute hat!
    My hands are still crazy chapped, too! Possibly the worst they have been all winter? I’m ready to turn off the furnace and see some less-than-drab color in the landscape.


  2. The snow finally stopped….for now. More this weekend! Now the rains have started! …and the hail…am I still in Indiana?


    1. Mimi I did make it myself, I used a Cover brand pompom maker, and if you use a yarn that has lots of plys and/or foofs when cut AND really wrap it densely on the pompom maker it will come out great! I also really trim my poms down, so start with a bigger than you want size!



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