My Dolly Holiday

Observe the bumble’s other weakness.

This is Linden (she has her magic now because we named her) our little elf on the shelf sits high atop a bookcase keeping watch over all the happenings good & bad in the house (I have a feeling the Gram dog will be getting zilch from Santa, what a wonderfully terrible bad dog he is!)

Embarrassed, she just realized her undies were showing the whole time!

P.S DON’T TOUCH HER, DON’T EVER TOUCH HER! If you find an elf on one of your shelves, remember to always be good, give them a name, so they can get their special Christmas magic, and most importantly nobody touch them! They are kind of mischievous, so you might find them in the sugar jar making snow angels, building marshmallow snowmen or find a straw in the maple syrup!


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