So long thanks for all the fish!

2012 was great, it was the kind of feel good I want to fold up and tuck in my pocket for always. I don’t always remember the detailed specifics of the passing year, which tells me there was nothing too traumatizing to scar my memory. So here are some random bits in no specific order.

..2012 the year..

  • Of the VW diesel (I am so glad you found your forever car which size nozzle is it?)
  • We snuggled more.
  • We walked in the ocean for the first time.
  • Jason broke the Cuckoo clock (sorry you got hurt honey, but the Cuckoo! ..sad :(
  • Lex was accepted into her dream school in Boston, the envelope came on Christmas eve.
  • I fell deeper in love with koigu and almost reached s.a.b.l.e (stash amassed beyond life expectancy)
  • We had a hot water bottle holiday.
  • Jason became president of the Library Board.
  • Alexa’s first vote!
  • My parents filled in the pool (we will miss you pool, but you gave us a fantastic 25+ years)
  • GPS gained our respect.
  • The year of less absurd TV (we got rid of everything but streaming netflix and are better for it)
  • We grew pumpkins and ate them!

It is the year of a lot of lasts for us as a family too, Alexa’s last birthday at home (her b-day is shortly after the start of school) and as Jason has so accurately put it “our unpregnacy” in 9 months we will be empty nesters, gulp.

We are feeling allsorts of emotions around this, everything all at once it’s kinda thrilling, we are excited & more in love (after 18 years together, I am so glad I don’t hate you and you haven’t killed me!) We are also swollen with pride (you’ve amazed us Alexa) we are also a little heartbroken (we will miss you sweet cha cha) who will robot dance with me, make up and sing silly songs about your dad (spatula hand) and the gram dog, laugh inappropriately with me, have a morning freak out over pants, be my excuse for being a stay home mom, help me eat all the pickle relish, rice pudding & ketchup, but most importantly who will unload the dishwasher ?!

Cups raised, here is to the start of an amazing, surprised filled, be good to yourself and everyone else 2013!

4 thoughts on “So long thanks for all the fish!

  1. Happy New Year, Amanda… it truly is a blessing to be a stay at home mom, one of the hardest and most rewarding jobs in this lifetime. It sounds like you have raised an exceptional daughter who knows what she wants, Congratulations on her college acceptance, too!



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