Greetings from the porch.

All this came yesterday, it was 2º F when we woke up today & it warmed up to 13º :)


I’m hosting the December “A Dolly Holiday” doll show in the GTT (Good Things Together) group on Ravelry, show and share runs December 12th- December 16th and the social hour is from now until the end of the show. I put the Charlie brown tree over there in the corner (to your right), the kettle is on & the cider should be nice and hot. We’ll be open 24 hrs a day thought this holiday season, so stop in for a chat and sing some carols too!

There will be several prizes just for playing along in the holiday thread, here is one of them, I whipped up a project bag & topped it off with Rudolph’s nose so bright! A screaming red angora merit badge.

I picked a fabric that was wintry without being excessively holiday specific & of course couldn’t help but make the inside candy striped!

Naughty little obitsu! We are having such a hard time keeping her out of the tree, Jason she has Herbie again!

A dolly holiday can mean celebrating any winter/holiday theme. From making warm wooly winter clothes, cheesy x-mas sweaters, ski suits and party dresses, to making accessories like little doll-sized wrapped presents, bity toys, christmas trees with mini ornaments or perhaps your doll needs a stocking! Some of you may even make some doll sizes treats and food for the holiday meal. Crochet turkey legs and tiny snowballs ..oh my! Put your boots on and let your winter/holiday imagination go wild!

Won’t you come out and play?


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