Bundle Up!

The bijou kitty has on her extra plush fur coat (she feels extra silky) Gram dog is getting abominable fluffy tufts between his toes (if you live where it freezes, you know what I mean :) ..if not, then you probably didn’t know some dogs will get extra long fur between their toes to protect the pads from cold..it’s crazy looking!) and Lex routinely stands in front of the heater grate with a blanket cape, to trap all the warmth in her own personal hot air balloon! 

… it’s not quite sub-zero yet & we’re not buried in snow either, although we did wake up and it was 11ºF ! So pull out the extra blankets & put on the woolens, winter is coming …time to bundle up!

I’ve whipped up these breathtakingly ornate and gracefully beautiful fingerless mittens, using the gorgeous Snegurochka Mitts pattern from Yuliya Tkacheva (Ms.Weaver on Ravelry) Don’t you just love that bruised zombie shade of Koigu KPPPM (screams yes!)

Taking some more my favorite speckled koigu yarns (this time Kersti Crepe), along with some bright cascade 220 and the milky Valley Yarns Deerfield from the Boston trip. I worked up a little bit of personal sunshine and over the top neck flash!

Tada! An insanely plush and perfectly wonderful oversized cowl (in the picture the wild beast is tamed and folded over on itself, unfurled it measures 42” around by 15” wide & Lex has already stolen it!) I used Larissa Brown’s beautifully uncomplicated high impact Shift pattern.

Chocolate Mittens = pure love ♥ my adaptation of a Japanese pattern.

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