Doll Casual

Have I made the slip into creepy doll lady? Maybe, but I have yet to have human to doll conversations, take them grocery shopping or kiss them goodnight (so I think we’re still good). I am looking at this as my inner fashion designer screaming out on a miniature scale!

We just finished up the Autumn, yay I made something doll fashion show over in Good Things Together (Ravelry). There were lovely entries all around, fantastic prizes and bity stitches all over.

I kept my outfits pretty doll casual.

A punchy pair of check coolots made from a vintage Simplicity doll pattern, the pattern is from the 50/60’s but somehow mine came out so very vanilla ice/fly girl 90’s. Paired up with the forever classic tuxedo shirt. I made the tee using a modified (to fit her) version of the PUCHICOLLECTIVE blythe t-shirt pattern.

I topped it off with a tiny iron on transfer of my Ravelry bag design contest submission “having a ball ” OK, I didn’t talk much about this during the contest or even after, I wasn’t a finalist or runner up and in all probability not even in the top hundreds for the contest, so maybe the humor in a tuxedo BAG wasn’t for everybody, but I think I just brought the cheesy tuxedo shirt, to an eleven, I LOVE IT! Formal enough to get you in, without being too over the top.

 Another t-shirt made using the PUCHICOLLECTIVE pattern, this time finished with little pankunchi.

I also whipped her up a mini Ravelry tote. She was feeling too lazy for pants!

I modified the t-shirt pattern from PUCHICOLLECTIVE yet again, this time adding length to make it into a t-shirt dress, complete with a magnificent neck bow made out of the same knit material for dramatic effect!

Next fashion Show is a HALLOWEEN PARTY! The thread is up and running, wont you come play? Haunting Hour runs Oct 27 – Oct 31!

7 thoughts on “Doll Casual

  1. Okay, seriously, you have to tell me how you managed to sew mini clothes! I could not for the life of me get my barbie clothes to look like yours which look so professionally made! Lovely, Amanda!


    1. Thanks Grace! You know they are incredibly fiddly to work up, but really quick compared to knitting an outfit! I think the key to making it look good is matching thread. (it’s like magic all the screwy seams disappear!)


      1. Is it all hand sewn or do you use the sewing machine? I imagine it would be easier to do it by hand than machine with the size of it. (perhaps that was my mistake in trying to do barbie clothes on the sewing machine LOL)


      2. I use a machine too, I am far to lazy to do it by hand! I just made sure I wento slow and started my needle on a piece of scrap fabric (so it didn’t get jammed down into the feed dogs) I was also sewing jersey (knit) material with a ball point needle (trust me if you could get in close enough to inspect my work’d see they are more than a little f’d up (I did however hand sew on the back snaps!)


  2. Hi Amanda,
    I enjoyed viewing your blog site. Your photos are fantastic and your projects are so meticulously created. Everything is so professional that it was a joy to peruse.



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