kids stuff…

it’s not just for kids! I consider myself somewhat “grownup” I pay my bills on time, I change my underwear daily, if you ask me intellectual questions, I will give intellectual answers, I am opinionated, responsible and passionate and I even love to eat my vegetables!

But there is a little part in me that still is a silly kid, the part that still loves presents, the part that still gets kool-aid moustaches, the part that likes to pick out the peas, the part that loves to snuggle, stay up late & sleep in and sadly the part that still uses swears to emphasize the ridiculousness or signify the importance of things.

Lately I’ve been a big kid making little kid stuff…

Like Pepper Baby my new wooly lamb, her rumpled fuzzy hair adds to her well loved shabby magic. ♥ Made using the Baby Lamb Lovey pattern from Bowtykes.

This is my little Red Owl (yes after the 1980’s grocery) it is another of Bowtykes designs (owl basket), I made mine mini using crochet thread. ♥

I’m in complete love with my uncomplicated & sincerely sweet tart dress (I might be a little big for this one). Made using the Ribbed Jumper Dress pattern from Unique Earthling. P.S The sweet little rose is one of her FREE patterns.

My little Sailor Moon, my how you have grown! I couldn’t resist a tip of the hat to my anime loving little girl who just turned 18 last month. I used the Sailor Girl Photo Prop pattern also from Unique Earthling.

I think I love working on kid stuff so much because of the absolute cuteness & small scale of things. No pressure baby doesn’t care if its wonky. ♥

 of course I will …♥


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