getting colder

Soups on, the furnace has been checked, wicked good slippers at the ready, pumpkins harvested, carved, seeds toasted & all the roasted pumpkin mush made into pumpkin butter and yes, those specific slippers are that incredible, that I would link to them!

With the quick fall chill down, I’ve been busy making a few new potholders to handle all the warm pots, hot pans & whistling kettles that are a constant in our cold weather climate!

I love this little danish! Mine is a fatty, I increased the pattern up to 10 rnds and turned it into a folksy puff potholder. It finished just over 7” across in worsted cotton. (she explains how to easily make it bigger in the pattern). I think mine might be raspberry though.

Pattern: Strawberry Danish Cushion by Elena Fedotova.

It’s a cinnamon roll, stuffed ravioli, hot electric coil, frilly grandma toaster pasty (well mine is anyways) all rolled into one super wooly spark potholder!

I hand dyed 8 mini skeins to work up the hot colored coils, sewed them back to back all the way around to form the stuffed ravioli puffs, joined together the cinnamon rolls and edged it all out with grandmas pie crust frill, gave it a hang loop and called it done.

The Fire Blanket is beautifully dramatic, but more than I wanted or needed to do. It just so happened the motif (when worked double thick), made for a pretty perfect potholder, it’s heat proof because of the dense raised texture double thick bricks and happily the seams where you joined the motifs together, made it flexi-bendy and perfect for gripping hot pans.

Pattern: Fire Blanket pattern by Tanya Beliak.

This one is any size any yarn pattern, so it could be a potholder, or a dishcloth, or a little lacy thread brooch or a coaster, or think big a huge bulky rug or a blanket.

Pattern: Spiral Web Rug by Thomasina Cummings.

Unrelated to anything and completely NOT a potholder, is my Big Time Doily. Made in worsted weight yarn, using Liz Snella’s FREE Heirloom Doily pattern.  Which was found in an old issue of workbasket (Vol.16, No. 7 April 1951).

I have grand plans of turning this into a cushion at some point ..maybe? A few more things of unrelated note..

#1 I finished mine with a regular knit bindoff.
#2 Measures 15″ unstretched & I didn’t have to block it! (hell yeah!)
#3 Lace is much easier on a larger scale!
#4 Now I have to make a back ..ugh :\

Now keep warm, don’t over do it raking leaves (yes you always do) and most of all use a potholder (Mr. Spatula Hands).

3 thoughts on “getting colder

  1. love the pattern – I hope turns out as good as yours – what size of needles was used Thank you in advance.


    1. Hi Elizbeth! For which project? I usually keep pretty good note on my Ravelry pages, if you click the picture or even the pattern name it should take you to the right place ♥



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