little love No.3


I don’t drink, not because of any ethics or morality issues, but simply for the fact I don’t care for the taste of most alcohol. If I want to ingest something with as much calories & carbs as a loaf of bread, it has to taste better than a beer in my opinion, maybe more like a cake! My husband on the other hand, is a beer lover & a spectacular homebrewer. Coffee beers are his favorite, but he also loves to recreate forgotten historic beers, meads & often plays with interesting hops, malts & brewing herbs. I forgive all the carboys of foaming gurgling fermenting beer, the kitchen takeover & subsequent sticky messes from stock pots of hot stinky wort, I overlook all the miscellaneous gallon jugs of experiments stashed in the basements dark corners “aging” & not even mentioning the baby-size stainless steel beer fridge in the dining room.

I ignore it all, because he makes me the most wonderful rootbeer & bottles it in an eclectic array of vintage soda bottles, 4 gallons at a time ..thats my kind of beer!


Random thought & a complete side note of food LOVE. Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter, we are freaking out all over this! “A deliciously unusual spread reminiscent of gingerbread and made with crushed biscuits” doesn’t even begin to explain this tasty wonder, we about died. Seriously it’s that amazing, we love Biscoff!


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