pincushions aren’t weird

I know it’s dishcloth time, but I’m always busy doing loads of other things too. Sometimes I forget to share or think it’s too lame to share, I need to get better at sharing more, even if it’s just a bizarre off beat thought, a funny situation, or a passionate opinion. I don’t know why I’m so awkward on my blog, it isn’t coming naturally to me to talk to myself on here (I can have excellent conversations with myself in real life, what the fudge is my problem!?) So if you see me being a dope or saying something weird, stupid or bitchy, just laugh along & know this is how I actually am in real life.

Anyhoo onto things that aren’t weird or awkward ..maybe

I thought the “vintage kitchen trivet” pattern from the book Crochet Adorned would make a really cute pincushion, so using #10 crochet thread & 1.5mm, I set about making my own tiny version.

My Notes:
I Worked the pattern through rnd 8 + 1 row of the edging, then I just increased the number of repeats & worked rows 3 through 8 again.

To make the pin pad I crocheted 2 wool circles the size of the lacy top (attached the top) hooked them together (stuffed it full) & added a graceful piecrust trim …it looks like some exquisite cream tart or puffy doughnut! ..YUM

Even in #10 thread it measures just under 4½”.

Again with the potholders? yes..

I love how the tiny pincushion turned out so much that I decided to make it again, using the same vintage kitchen trivet pattern and adjustments, but this time potholder size! Using #3 crochet thread & a 3mm hook.

I backed it with worsted wt cotton & attached it together the same way I did my 2012 swap potholders, but on this version, I added a brown loop chain border around the outer edge, then topped that off with a creamy scallop trim which just lets the spokes of brown peek through.

..up next dishcloths! ..maybe :)

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