busy…um yeah!

Busy setting up shop & doing a little designing. I have always loved sorting out the fine details, making it perfect and finding simplicity & beauty in a complex idea.

Currently I have been working on the beekeepers quilt a simple but challenging knit project, the idea is simple, knit individual little honeycomb hexagons, stuff them with some fluff and join them in one massive blob of awesome, the challenge, keeping my enthusiasm. I rarely do long-term projects, I tend to get distracted, jump projects, lose interest and then feel guilty about all of the above. So this is where I’ve been getting inventive, designing some sweet little charts to put onto my knit honeycombs, keeping my humor & attention operational. 

You can download my free charts from Ravelry HERE. The download is just the PDF charts, what you put them on is totally up to you, perfect for duplicate stitch, fiar-isle, cross stitch, etc.

One thought on “busy…um yeah!

  1. I so badly want to do this but so far all I have done is 1/2 a puff. Maybe I should start carting them around in my bag with me. I love your ideas though :D keeps things interesting.



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