Day 44

It’s not any closer to anything special, it’s not an “and counting” to or from any sort of event, it’s simply just 44 days since January 1. (Those days have been beautiful, and gloomy, and cold, and snowy, and cuddly, and if I were counting, it’s 40 days until I’m another year older, and 69Continue reading “Day 44”

these colors & that cat đź’•

Kiki is our sometimes sweet\sometimes salty, cranky old lady cat. We adopted her three years ago when she was 8, and it took over a year for her to find her purr. She had a rough life before us, and has a chipped fang to prove how hard knock she was. She tucks in, fetches on her own terms, drives aContinue reading “these colors & that cat đź’•”