Day 44

It’s not any closer to anything special, it’s not an “and counting” to or from any sort of event, it’s simply just 44 days since January 1. (Those days have been beautiful, and gloomy, and cold, and snowy, and cuddly, and if I were counting, it’s 40 days until I’m another year older, and 69 days until Jason & I celebrate our silver anniversary 💘 and 127 days until summer.)

Keeping my days calm & casual, doing lots of things that make me happy, slow stiches, organizing & unorganizing, doing the rough stuff when necessary and always putting whipped cream on top. (I pretty pleased with my first attempt at sculpting clay conversation heart stitch markers 💛💚💜 I got the colors close and the hand pressed knit & k1 letters relatively straight! Also, I love my little hanging spot in the studio, really, I love anywhere there’s yarn, and I also obviously love glue.)

Kitty sidenote: We’ve had Kiki for 4+ years, and when we adopted her they weren’t sure how old she was, so basically she is somewhere between baby and old lady. 💕

2 thoughts on “Day 44

  1. Silver Anniversary 🍾🥂🍿congratulations! B. And I are in our 30th🥰 I cant wait for Summer, how many days again? Those stitch markers are perfect!!! Bravo 👏

    1. xoxo Congrats to you too, time just floats on by!

      Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t live here if I hated winter, but we’ve had 20″ of snow fall in a week and there isn’t anywhere left for it to go, the snow piles are hilariously huge! I still needed to attach the clasps when I took that photo (they looked edible), but are officially stitch markers now! :)


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