I’ve been coveting the Making Backpack by noodlehead ever since I saw it in a preview of making, I thought my biggest hurdle was going to be remembering where the heck I put my rivets, never did I suspect the zipper tangle to be lacking in 8 inchers. (There is just something about Anna’s patterns that inspireContinue reading “making”

double adventure

Because when your car breaks down on the Ohio Turnpike, while on your way to Boston to drop your sweet girl off at college and you end up having to have it towed to a dealership and make the rest of the trek in a rental, you may need a little instant happy. A few extra moments, aContinue reading “double adventure”

linen loop

..ok slightly obsessed might describe me at the moment.. The working and reworking of the Linen Loop pattern making sure everything fell together perfectly prior to its release really kind of endeared it to me, and gave me an extra appreciation for its beautiful unfussy simplicity. A whole lot of loops made, unmade and remade and I’m still in love, still takenContinue reading “linen loop”