linen loop

..ok slightly obsessed might describe me at the moment..

The working and reworking of the Linen Loop pattern making sure everything fell together perfectly prior to its release really kind of endeared it to me, and gave me an extra appreciation for its beautiful unfussy simplicity.

A whole lot of loops made, unmade and remade and I’m still in love, still taken with all the possibilities (lace to super chunky!), still romanced with the incredible perfection of linen.

I am always bubbling over with ideas, scribbling down notes and usually over thinking things to the point of hands in the air frustration, followed by a sigh of defeat, ending with ill temper towards the whole idea ..but maybe I just need to keep things unfussy.

6 thoughts on “linen loop

  1. Love both the Wheat (I’ve used that color before) and that blueish-gray 💓 Such a neat clean simple loop with elegance!



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