Homage to building a better bag.

When I was a kid my go to phrase was “I could do that if I really wanted to” and usually it was in reference to some incredible thing someone was doing on the t.v. Well I still kind of have that attitude about doing most things, because it seems impossibly silly to me thatContinue reading “Homage to building a better bag.”

note to self:

Normally when I have prized cuts, I squirrel them away (like most of my prized things) but recently, I’ve been trying to use more of what I love everyday, for everyday things. A little while ago I made some crazy beautiful bias tape, just because. Why is it when something feels super special, ultra lux, limited edition orContinue reading “note to self:”

lessons and change

I don’t have a green thumb, sometimes I wish I did/think I should (both my mom & sis have gorgeous greenery tucked in every nook throughout their homes and my dad is a wizard outdoors, (he spent much of his younger days taking care of a nursery) but I can’t get over the little flying bugs that come along with growing thingsContinue reading “lessons and change”