Early September

That time of year that casually floats back and forth between summer and fall.   There’s been windows open days and sweltering melt in a puddle days.   There’s been cold lunches and hot suppers.   There’s been procrastiknitting, travel knitting, and actual knitting.   There’s been good days and bad days. There’s been bookstores […]

everyday production

Fresh eggs – 2 dozen from 2 days, prettiest colors ever. (These are still covered in bloom (unwashed) so I was told I didn’t NEED to refrigerate them right away ..of course I did, because are you f-ing crazy!) Blueberry buckle – 1½ pints berries in a 6 x 9 casserole. (Ok-ish blueberries were madeContinue reading “everyday production”

lots & lots

Apparently I’m a hoarder of semi-useful things.. like craft books like pens (and sometimes pencils too) like stitch markers that revolve around snacks, sweets, and cute dough things (I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time perfecting the ideal slice of buttered toast & food with faces) like knitting needles & notions (miss you Nancy ZContinue reading “lots & lots”