Early September

That time of year that casually floats back and forth between summer and fall.   There’s been windows open days and sweltering melt in a puddle days.   There’s been cold lunches and hot suppers.   There’s been procrastiknitting, travel knitting, and actual knitting.   There’s been good days and bad days. There’s been bookstores […]

fall like blueberries & peaches

The leaves changed quickly and are all but gone now, I wish I could’ve enjoyed the colors for just a little longer. I love how grown up the little nineteen hundred house looks against the fall shades, the dark and gloomy days suit both it and me 💕 There will be black shutters at someContinue reading “fall like blueberries & peaches”

feeling fall

Life is good and feeling every bit of fall. ♥ Enjoying the shifting light in the studio. ..but I’m super annoyed with these f’ing forever crunchy pears. I’m a year round maker, but knitting in the fall is always extra cozy. The Öljett hat had me at the decreases and because of that I decided toContinue reading “feeling fall”