Crochet Hook Hybrid

I love cute & I love quirky, I love simple & I love useful. I love things that pretend to be other things, things that look like one thing but are used to do something completely different or have a use other than what is expected or what was originally intended, a true dual-purpose object… IContinue reading “Crochet Hook Hybrid”

and then there was more…

Cripes I always do this, make loads of “samples” trying to get it just right!  It’s frustratingly good, .good because I get to work out designs and colors that have been on my mind and in my queue, freeing up mental storage and eating away at the yarn hoard is always excellent, freaking out onContinue reading “and then there was more…”

Potholders on Parade

Time for a little kitschy kitchen crochet! With the upcoming potholder swap, I’ve had potholder on the brain! Well, more so than normal! Although I havent completely settled on a pattern just yet, I’ve been busy in the test kitchen so to speak. I really love to use old patterns from the 30’s – 70’s leaning towards the moreContinue reading “Potholders on Parade”