smokey violets

My mom loves purple, it’s her birthstone and just so happens to look really fantastic on her! I’m not so much a purple person, but for my mom ..anything ♥

When I saw this Ella Rae Lace Merino (127) in a perfect purple, I couldn’t help myself, I knew my parents wedding anniversary was coming and I wanted to make mom something amazing with it. 

Using the excellent Metro kerchief Pattern by Yuliya Tkacheva aka Ms Weaver on Ravelry, I created a smokey violets kerchief for my mum.

Graceful drape & supple squishy softness emphasize this patterns perfectly natural balance and brilliant construction.

I gave it to her as an anniversary present (which is today), it was perfectly her.

…dad if you loved wooly things, you might get more than smoked meat for your present! ..but we know how much you love your smoked meats & you know how much we love both of you! xoxo

Happy 42 years ♥ 

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