let’s not

That time we moved the bed and that night neither of us could sleep because we had a new side, and after midnight we flipped and tried sleeping at the foot of the bed and it still didn’t feel right, and the only good things that came out of it were you found your chess set, and I found where I put all the kitchen cotton, and the next day I made your sleepy face some coffee and a bedroom colored dishcloth, and yes I love you, but no, I still don’t want to play chess.

(P.S been trying every excuse to work these lovely cafe hooks, going back to my very beginnings of utility crochet 💕)

wool & hook

There is just something about texture that crochet does effortlessly.

• Organic Cotton & .10¢ Hook •

• Dyed In The Wool & Hamanaka 7/0 4mm Hook •

• Koigu Kpppm & Classic Susan Bates 4mm Hook •

• Madelinetosh & Hamanaka Ami-Ami 4mm Hook •

• More Random Flowers & New Ominous House Color •