Some August

We’ve had some really perfect August days, windows open and not completely melting. I can’t remember why there are fans in every window here, maybe to pull in the cool air or reversed because we burnt popcorn? I do remember sitting here looking at this view and loving our house, weird shit everywhere, so many clocks all keeping slightly different time, chalkware, moss balls, robot heros, just out of frame is a 6 foot Jango Fett wearing nerf blasters, you know home stuff.

I was looking for something else when I ran across this deep stash linen cotton blend, ahhhh such a gorgeous oat color.

Ok I know, more hooks.. but these ones are metal (aluminum), they’re cold to the touch, weighty, and tink like (no disrespect) crappy wind chimes, I only bought 3, but now regret not getting more, they sold out in a snap so there’s that.

I don’t even care, it’s a thing I do, and I’ve been on a spree.

This was the yarn I was looking for, it’s Madelinetosh Pashmina in the color Norway Spruce for a Trasnú, the pattern is a summer cross back tube top, but mine will be a fall woolly cross back apron top to wear over long sleveed dresses, like the true layer cake I am (or wish to be).


Just moving my pile from one sunny spot in the house to another.

My cute piece of porcelain popcorn is from the wonderfully quirky French ceramicist/artist monochromatiques, it’s a treat to have several of their beautiful porcelain pieces in my funny little collection.

I couldn’t get over how tied up these skeins were, granted there were no tangles, but damn.

Same bags, same progress, getting nowhere slowly. My favorite handmade bags, a Field Bag stuffed in a Wool and Wax Tote they were made for each other, oh wait they literally were.

P.S I made my Field Bag prior to there being an “official” pattern, I based it off the one I already owned. If you’d like to make one, Grainline Studio x Fringe Supply Co. have released a sewing pattern and video tutorial for the original Field Bag.

Last year I tumbled out the back of the garage, then Jason built me some giant grandma steps so it would never happen again. ♡ Oh, and the lilies are blooming!


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